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The Adventure Begins

When we last left our heroes…

The Druid, Wizard, and Paladin were hired to retrieve the royal regalia of the first emperor. After a week-long voyage, they trudged through the swamp, sneaked past a campsite full of evil fey, and made their way into the ancient fortress. Upon entering, they came across a series of corpses, which seemed to have slaughtered each other, despite wearing the same insignias. Heading directly up the spiral staircase, they came across a magically trapped door, and a complex mechanical door. Easily bypassed by a knock spell, they entered the king’s old chamber. A golden sarcophagus slowly opened, revealing a foul, emancipated, grey-skinned creature with horrible yellow eyes. The battle was vicious, and the Druid and Paladin were nearly killed, but our heroes arose victorious. They found a chest within the chamber, and within it the emperor’s golden crown, and his scepter, topped with a huge ebony gem which radiated an overwhelming evil aura. When a detect magic spell was cast, the school of magic was revealed to be Universal.

Now our heroes now have the items in question, but the ship they hired will not arrive back at the island for another four days…


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